FAQHow do I access my mail via a Web browser?


To access webmail do the following:

  1. Load a web browser (for example Netscape Navigator, Firefox or Internet Explorer)

  2. On the 'Address' line (Explorer) or 'Location' line (Navigator) type:


  3. Where your-domain-name.com should be replaced with your domain name (the part of your e-mail address AFTER the @ sign) for example if your email address is [email protected], to access webmail+ you would enter webmail.mylongdomainname.com into your web browser.

  4. At the Login screen enter your mailbox address ( [email protected])  in the e-mail address field and your account password in the password field, then click Login.

  5. To logout at any time click Sign Out (at top right of every screen).

Note: The initial login screen is always displayed in english irrespective of your language preference.


Date Created: 2010-10-15 01:33:38

Date Modified: 2011-08-19 12:17:22


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