FAQWhat do you do when you set up a web site?


When we set up a web site for you we ALWAYS do three things :

  1. We set up the required Domain Name Service (DNS) addresses to point to one of our Web Servers (e.g. for www.mydomain.co.za)
  2. We allocate a directory on one of our Web Servers to host your web site and create special permissions that will only allow you to update your web site (we notify you of this username and password which can be used for FTP web update).
  3. We add to the web site a dummy entry (with file name index.html) indicating the site name (e.g. www.mydomain.co.za) and the fact that it is under construction. This page also contains information about the web server  and our hosting service. This information is automatically overwritten when you (or we) publish your actual web site.



Date Created: 2010-10-15 09:41:37

Date Modified: 2010-10-15 09:42:36


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